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Considering the size that Teen Writers has grown to, I've decided that my hectic schedule cannot give this group and its amazing members the care that it deserves. Please be patient while I offically freeze the group and decide the groups future.
Thank you to all memebers who have not torn into me about the awful neglect I have givin this group. But I promise I will leave all of you in able hands.
Thank you for your tolernece of my horrible managing skills, and I will keep everyone updated. :p
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:star: MEMBERSHIP :star:

Please Read the Following Before Joining!!

To Join the Club:

You do not have to be a teenager to join! Please read on!

:bulletred: Click on 'Join Our Group'

:bulletpurple: In the pop up box that appears write a brief message introducing yourself. INCLUDE YOUR AGE IN THE REQUEST!!.

:bulletgreen: Send the request and wait at least three days for your request to be approved!

If you don't meet the club requirments I have the right to DECLINE your request.

Joining Requirments

:bulletblue: Must be 20 years old or YOUNGER


:bulletgreen: Must have at least ONE literature devation currently in your gallary that has a main character (protogonist) that is 20 years old or YOUNGER. It must be considered a 'Young Adult' novel and written as thus.

Submitting to the Gallery and Guidelines

By Submitting to the Teen Writer Gallery you are confirming that the deviation is YOUR OWN CREATION. Any works that are found to be stolen or paraphrased without proper credit WILL IMMEDIATLY BE REMOVED AND YOU WILL BE REPORTED TO THE DEVIANT ART MODERATORS.

How to Submit

:bulletpurple: Click on the club Gallery

:bulletblue: Select the folder you want to submit under and in the top right hand corner click 'Contribute to folder'

:bulletred: In the box that appears go through your gallery until you find the deviation you would like to upload.

:bulletgreen: Once you submit your deviation I will either accept or decline it depending on if it meets Teen-Writers submission requirments.

All Members Are Allowed to Submit a Total of 2 Submissions a Week. No Exceptions!

Where to Submit

:bulletred: Short Stories: As of right now all short stories will be submitted together in the same folder-regardless of genre.

:bulletblue: Poems: ALL Members May Submit to the Poem Folder

:bulletpurple: Novels: You may only submit the prolouge and THE FIRST CHAPTER ONLY! For continued works that DO NOT have a prolouge you may submit a summary of your story instead. There is no limit to how many novels you may submit.

:bulletgreen: Non-fiction: May include essays, written tutorials and guides and biography type works.

:bulletred: Historical: Must take place during a different time in history; preferably no later than the 1950's. If so I may reject your submission and suggest you resubmit under a different folder.

:bulletpurple: All other folders have no rules. If you have any questions note an administer.

Submission Guidelines and Requirments

Just a warning: We will be mildly strict on the judging of submissions. We want all of you to be the best you can possibly be. So please by all means do NOT feel offended when we point out spelling errors, grammar errors etc...
We WON'T judge the content of the story though. We're only looking for grammar/spelling.

If you are a teen (20 and under) you may submit any writing as long as it:

:bulletblue: Uses proper grammar and spelling. If we think that your writing doesn't meet this requirment we will decline your submission and suggest you submit in the critique folder instead. This is a club to help improve writing. Take advantage of it.

For members that are ABOVE the age of 20

:bulletgreen: Your main character (protagonist) MUST be a teenager (20 and under) and your story must be of the young adult genere.

Proper grammar and spelling are still a requirment.

Your deviation MAY contain:

- Profanity. Just make sure it has the proper filters if the language is obscene.

- PG-13 rated romance. Don't make me go into details. Use your judgement. If I find your deviation unappropriate I WILL decline it.

- Boy/boy and girl/girl romance. The PG-13 rule STILL applies.

- Voilence and gore. The filter rule still applies.

Your deviation MAY NOT contain:

- Fan fiction material. This is NOT a fan fiction club. All stories submitted must be ORIGINAL characters.

- Romance of the rated R variety. These submissions WILL be declined.

- Hateful works targeting a specific race, sexual orintation etc...

Follow these simple rules and you shouldn't have any difficulties submitting your work to the Teen-Writers Gallery.

:bulletred: All gallery submissions are handled by Harlequinbeautie Please contact her if you have any questions.

Experience Points

The Point's System has been temporarily deactivated until further notice</b>

Teen-Writers is an interactive club that awards points to members for being active in the club.
How to Earn Experience Points and What You Can Do With Them

:bulletblue: All Member Experience Points are handled by Julie1091. Please contact her if you have any questions.

Club Features and Favorites

Feature Submission Status: Will be open on Apirl 1st!!!!</u>

For the first two weeks of every month members can upload any type of literature to the Feature Folder.
Administers will vote on the best submission and it will make it into the Teen-Writers 'Hall Of Fame'.

:bulletred: All features are handled by Harlequinbeautie. Please contact her if you have any questions.

Suggesting Club Favorites

:bulletred: ANY club member can suggest a club Favorite

:bulletblue: The suggested deviation does NOT only apply to club members. It ca be any LITERATURE deviation from anywhere

:bulletpurple: You CAN NOT suggest your own deviations for club favorites

:bulletgreen: All club favorites are handled by saberdog05. Please contact her if you have ANY questions.

Our Affiliates:

:iconpoetsandwriters: :icontheunheardvoices: :iconteen-art: :iconpreventsuicide-etc: :iconwrite-to-live: :iconwriters-guild-da: :iconwriterart: :iconauthorsescape: :iconspread--the--love: :iconthe-youngest-artists: :iconourloveflies: :iconjust-imagine-it: :iconfind-a-cure: :iconteenissues: :iconfanfiction-fanatics: :iconart-expressions: :iconshoujo-beat: :iconliterature-league: :iconthe-perfect-storm:




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Join requests closed? :c
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I wanted to join :'(
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Stinks that people can't join the group right now. If anyone wants me too, I could start a back-up group even though I'm not a member...
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Aww! Closed requests to join! </3
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Sorry bout that ^^; Hopefully when the founder comes back to dA we can kick-start things again, but I'm not sure when that will be.
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I hope the founder will come back soon...
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but the join group thing is saying no one allowed to join
tamtamgod Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry, the group's founder wants to rejuvenate things and get some new energy and perspective for the group, so she paused all activity, but uhhh...she doesn't get to come online much, so things have kind of stalled...I'm not sure if any of the other moderators knows what's happening at all ^^;
TheAspiringWriter Featured By Owner May 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Darn it I wanted to join... I am straight human rights It is sad!:(
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